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Whirlpool Home Appliances

How to remove and replace the oven door

There are 2 styles of door hinges, please refer to your appliance and the illustrations below for the style on your model.

  • Door with hinge latches
  • Door without hinge latches

Door with  hinge latches 

To remove oven door(s):

  1. Prior to removing oven door, prepare a flat surface to place the oven door, over with a soft blanket, or posts from packing material.
  2. Open the oven door.
  3. Locate oven door hinge locks / latches in both corners of oven door. 

Rotate / flip up hinge lock / latch toward oven door to unlocked position. 

If door hinge lock / latch is not rotated / flipped fully (see illustration B), door will not remove properly. 

NOTE:  Hinge lock / latch will vary depending on model number.


  1. Partially close door to engage door latch locks.  Door will stop at this point.



  1. Using two hands, grasp edges of oven door.
    • Lift and pull oven door toward you and remove.
    • The door may need to be gently shifted from side to side as you pull the door.


  1. Set oven door(s) aside on prepared covered work surface, with oven door resting on its handle.

Replace Oven Door(s)

  1. Using two hands, grasp side edges of door at midpoint.  Face oven cavity.
  2. Locate slots on each side of oven cavity for door hinge locks.


  1. At a 45° angle, align door hinges with slots in lower front of oven cavity.
    • Slowly insert door while maintaining 45° angle.
    • The door is engaged in the slot when you feel a slight drop.


  1. Lower oven door to fully open position: 
    • If oven door does not open to full 90°, repeat steps 1 - 3.
  2. Locate the oven door hinge locks / latches in corners of oven door and rotate hinge locks / latches toward oven cavity to locked position.
    • See Step 3 (Illustration A) in the "Remove Oven Door(s)" section for proper locked position.


  1. Close oven door.
  2. When hinges are properly installed and door is closed, there should be an even gap between door and control panel:
    • If one side of oven door is hanging lower than other side, hinge on that side is not properly installed
    • Repeat the steps to remove and replace oven door


Door without hinge latches

To remove oven door(s): 

  1. Prior to removing oven door, prepare a flat surface to place the oven door, over with a soft blanket, or posts from packing material.
  2. Open oven door to the first stop position (opened about 4" [10.0 cm]).
  3. Grasp the door at each side. Do not use the door handle to lift the door.
  4. Evenly lift the door until it clears the hinge arms.


To replace oven door(s): 

  1. Grasp door at each side.
  2. Align slots in the door with the hinge arms on the range.
  3. Slide the door down onto the hinge arms until the door is completely seated on the hinges.
  4. Push down on the top corners of the door to completely seat door on hinges.

NOTE: The door should not appear crooked.