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How do I use single dose laundry packets in my washer?



  • Proctor & Gamble Tide® Pods™
  • ARM & HAMMER® Toss 'N Done™ Power Paks
  • all® mighty pacs™
  • Purex® UltraPacks™
  • Cot'n Wash dropps® laundry detergent and dropps® fabric softener pacs



Single Dose Laundry Packets are:

  • A low sudsing HE detergent
  • Deliver great cleaning
  • Can prevent detergent overdose / oversudsing
  • Are an easy, quick-to-use detergent



  • Follow all Manufacturers instructions listed on the packaging
  • Place packets in the drum or basket of ALL washers, BEFORE adding clothes
  • DO NOT place in corner dispensers or drawer dispensers
  • Use only 1 packet for most loads
  • Do not cut, tear, or open packets; they are designed to dissolve in water
  • Handle packets with dry hands (any moisture will cause the packets to start dissolving)
  • Seal bag or box completely after use
  • Keep out of reach of children



  • Packets may not dissolve if placed in the washer dispenser
  • If packets are placed in dispensers of either HE top-load or HE front-load, the dispensers may clog and cause an overflow
  • Packet coating may not dissolve in a gentle or a hand-wash cycle; Stronger agitation is needed
  • Packets can get caught in the bellows in HE front-load if not put in the back of the drum, and may not dissolve properly
  • If packet does not dissolve completely and clothes are dried in a dryer, residue not rinsed out of fabrics may cause permanent staining

Packet6.JPG        Packet7.JPG            Packet8.JPG            Packet9.JPG

(Pictures of undissolved Packets in clothes, and then in the bellows of a front load washer)


As with all cleaning products, keep laundry packets out of reach of children.

Please contact the detergent packet manufacturer for more information:


Manufacturer Contact Information
Brand US 1-800 Number US Website
 Tide®  1-800-879-8433
 Arm & Hammer®  1-800-524-1328
 all®  1-800-298-2408
 Purex®  1-800-457-8739
 Dropps®  1-800-355-9274

















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