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How to Clean the Condenser

Is the Condenser Dirty? 

A dirty or clogged condenser can cause the following issues:

  • Obstructs proper airflow
  • Reduces ice making capacity to little or no ice production
  • Causes higher-than-recommended operating temperatures which may lead to component failure

The ice making system and the air cooled condenser need to be cleaned regularly for the ice maker to operate at peak efficiency and to avoid premature failure of system components.

How to Clean the Condenser

  1. Unplug ice maker or disconnect power.
  2. Remove the two screws in the lower access panel and the two screws from the base grille area of the front panel support. Pull forward to remove the lower access panel.
  3. Pull the bottom forward and then pull down to remove the lower access panel.

  1. Remove dirt and lint from the condenser fins and the unit compartment with a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Replace the lower access panel using the four screws.
  2. Plug in ice maker or reconnect power.