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Whirlpool Home Appliances

Appliance is Connected but I am not receiving End of Cycle Notifications


Possible Solutions

Verify that your WIFI and your Smart Grid Icons are ON

If not, check to see if your other WIFI enabled device (such as your smart phone or tablet) is working. If other devices are working, disconnect power from the router for 2 minutes, then re-connect power to the router. Then disconnect power to the appliance for 2 minutes, and re-connect.

If no WIFI enabled device is working, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Verify that your appliance is visible in the App

If not, add the appliance to your account.

Verify your settings, your phone number, and address

If not, add your information to your account.

Verify that the appliance settings and notifications are ON and notifications are verified

Set notifications if you have not done so.


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