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Whirlpool Home Appliances

Account FAQ

How do I reset or change my password?

From the sign-in page:

  1. Click on “Forgot Password”
  2. Enter your email address and click enter.  Use the email address that was used when creating the account.
  3. Open the reset password email and click on the link
  4. Follow the prompted instructions for resetting your password

How do I find the name of my energy company in the app?

If your energy company is not listed in the app, we suggest either going to your energy company's website or referencing your latest billing statement. This will allow you to locate the full name of your energy company.

What is WPS (WiFi Protected Setup)?

WPS is a Wi-Fi Alliance® standard to securely add devices to a wireless home network. 

Can I get text messages sent to my phone?

No. At this time, we are only sending PUSH notifications.

If you need help with your connected appliance please1-866-333-4591.



Still need help? Call or schedule service.

You may need assistance from a qualified technician. Call 1-866-698-2538 or click below to schedule an appointment.



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