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Using the Load & Go Dispensering

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The Load & Go™ Bulk Dispenser is meant to automatically dispense your detergent and fabric softener. This means you do not have to add detergent and/or fabric softener every time you use the All-in-One Washer and Dryer! Fill it up and it will automatically dispense these additives at the right time during the cycle for optimal cleaning and softening. The dispensers hold enough of each additive for multiple loads of laundry. 

You will receive a notification on your device when the dispenser is running low, and see an icon on the machine activated.

NOTE:  If you will not be using your Load & Go™ Bulk Dispenser for an extended period of time, completely clean out the unit and dispose of all detergent and fabric softener. See "Cleaning the Load & Go™ Bulk Dispenser" under the "Cleaning and Maintenance" symptom above.

Dispose of all detergent and fabric softener of all in one washer dryer

Follow the steps below to fill the Load & Go™ bulk dispenser when using the washer for the first time, or when the low detergent icon or low fabric softener icon on the display indicate that the detergent or fabric softener level is running low.  When either dispenser is running low, you will get a message on the screen to refill soon or disable the dispensers.

1. Open the bulk container lid on the top of the washer/dryer.

Opening of bulk container lid of all in one washer/dryer by lifting loading handle
2. Lift the fill door on the Liquid Detergent dispenser (Dispenser 1). Add liquid HE detergent up to the “MAX” line. Do not overfill. Close the fill door. It will click into place.

NOTE: If Dispenser 1 is empty, you may choose to add only enough liquid HE detergent for one load.

Filling the Liquid Fabric Softener in Load & Go dispenser
3. Lift the fill door on the Liquid Fabric Softener dispenser (Dispenser 2). Add liquid fabric softener up to the “MAX” line. Do not overfill. Close the fill door. It will click into place.  

NOTE: If Dispenser 2 is empty, you may choose to add only enough liquid fabric softener for one load.
4. Slowly close the bulk container lid. Make sure it is completely closed.
5. Make sure that the bulk dispenser is active. Use the Tools button to make sure that both Dispenser 1 and Dispenser 2 are active and that the detergent
concentration is correct.

You will receive a message when the dispensers are low, reminding you to refill them soon. There are also icons on the top of the display if there is a low level detected.


  • Dispenser 2 may be used as a second Liquid HE Detergent dispenser. Use the Tools button (go to “Load & Go™ Dispenser 2”) to change the content in  Dispenser 2 and set the detergent concentration. Make sure that dispenser 1 is disabled.
  • The entire Load & Go™ bulk container can be easily removed for ease of cleaning.
  • Thoroughly clean the Liquid Detergent dispenser (Dispenser 1) before switching to a different brand of detergent.
  • Thoroughly clean the Liquid Fabric Softener dispenser (Dispenser 2) before switching from liquid fabric softener to liquid detergent, before switching back from liquid detergent to liquid fabric softener, or before switching to a different brand of detergent.

See Cleaning and Maintenance symptom above for more information about cleaning the Load & Go™ Bulk Dispenser.


  • Do not use chlorine bleach in this washer/dryer. Chlorine bleach will damage it.
  • Do not add a single-dose laundry packet to the bulk dispenser.
  • Do not use powdered HE detergent in the bulk dispenser.


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