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Load & Go Dispenser 2

Possible Solutions

Load & Go™ Dispenser 2

Press this icon to access:

Load & Go™ Status Dispenser 2 and choose between:

  • Active
  • Disabled (1 Cycle)
  • Off (Permanently)

Load & Go™ Content Dispenser 2 and choose between:

  • Softener
  • Detergent

Press the content option to change from Fabric Softener to Detergent, or vice versa.

Once set at Detergent:

Set Concentration Dispenser 2 and choose between:

  • 2X
  • 4X
  • 6X
  • 8X

For more information on using  the Load & Go™ Dispenser, see "Using Bulk Dispenser" in the symptom column above.

When using Dispenser 2 for detergent, only use liquid HE detergent.


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