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Whirlpool Home Appliances

What is Guided Cooking? Using Yummly

Whirlpool works with Yummly Connected Guided Cooking Recipes

Yummly Connected Guided Cooking Recipes will provide you with the following: 

  • Access to 100 (and growing) connected Guided Recipes answering the question “what’s for dinner?”
  • Step by Step Video Tutorials to educate & remove the complexity of the cooking process
  • Has the ability to send cooking instructions directly to select Whirlpool smart cooking appliances
  • Receive real-time notifications for each step
  • Remote control of appliance within the free Yummly mobile app, when used with connected smart appliances

How can I tell which recipes can be connected to my appliance?

Connected Guided Cooking recipes can easily be identified and found.  Here are the easiest three ways to locate:

  • Look for the Connected Fork icon Yummly - fork.png, located in the top right hand corner of the recipe
  • Use the recipe filters.  Turn on "Guided" and/or "Connected" to browse recipes
  • Search using the keywords "Connected" or "Guided" 

   Yummly - Filters.png      Yummly - Guided.png      Yummly - Connected.png

What models will it work with?

Currently, Yummly Connected Guided Cooking recipes will work with the below Whirlpool appliances: 

  • WEE750H0H
  • WEG750H0H
  • WEEA25H0H
  • WEGA25H0H
Wall Ovens
  • WOS72EC0H
  • WOD77EC0H
  • WOC75EC0H
  • WOS97EC0H
  • WOD97EC0H
  • WOC97EC0H