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Long Water Boiling Times - Induction Cooktop

Possible Solution

Is the correct function being used? 

It is recommended that the "Assisted Boil" function be used when boiling 8-17 cups (2 L-4 L) of water.  

At the end of the heating stage, the cooktop will make a sound to alert you that it is time to move to the next cooking stage. Press the “OK” button to confirm that the food is going to be placed in the pot and the cooktop will move to the next stage. The system is able to monitor most of the cooking process, but it is always necessary to stay present while the cooktop is in use and adjust the power level, if necessary.

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Is the correct cookware being used? 

Only use pots and pans made from ferromagnetic material which are suitable for use with an induction cooktop.

  • To determine whether a pot is suitable, a magnet may be used to check whether pots are magnetic.
  • The quality and structure of the pot base can alter cooking performance. Some indications for the base's diameter do not correspond to the actual diameter of the ferromagnetic surface. Some pots and pans have only a part of the bottom in a ferromagnetic material, with parts in another material that is not suitable for induction cooking. These areas may heat up at different levels or with lower temperatures. In certain cases, where the bottom is made mainly of non-ferromagnetic materials, the cooktop might not recognize the pan and, therefore, not switch on the cooking zone.

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Refer below video for Induction Cookware Compatibility

Is the pot the correct size?

To ensure that the cooktop functions properly, use pots of a suitable minimum diameter. Always use the cooking zone that best corresponds to the minimum diameter of the bottom of the pot. Place the pot making sure it is well centered on the cooking zone in use. It is recommended not to use pots that exceed the perimeter of the cooking zone in use.

Is the power level set correctly? 

Use the below cooking table to determine the best power level to use.

Power Level Type of Cooking Level Use
(indicating cooking experience and habits)
Boost Fast heating Ideal for rapidly increasing the temperature of food to fast boiling in the
case of water or rapidly heating cooking liquids.
8−9 Frying − boiling Ideal for browning, starting to cook, frying deep frozen products, fast
High power 7−8 Browning − sautéing − boiling
− grilling
Ideal for sautéing, maintaining a lively boil, cooking and grilling (for a
short period of time, 5-10 minutes).
6−7 Browning − cooking − stewing
− sautéing − grilling
Ideal for sautéing, maintaining a light boil, cooking and grilling (for a
medium period of time, 10-20 minutes), preheating accessories.
Medium power 4−5 Cooking − stewing − sautéing
− grilling
Ideal for stewing, maintaining a gentle boil, cooking (for a long period of
time). Creaming pasta.
3−4 Cooking − simmering −
thickening − creaming
Ideal for long-cooking recipes (rice, sauces, roasts, fish) with liquids
(e.g. water, wines, broth, milk), creaming pasta.
2−3 Ideal for long-cooking recipes (less than 4 cups [1 L] in volume: rice,
sauces, roasts, fish) with liquids (e.g. water, wines, broth, milk).
Low power 1−2 Melting − defrosting − keeping
food warm − creaming
Ideal for softening butter, gently melting chocolate, thawing small
products and keeping just-cooked food warm (e.g. sauces, soups,
1 Ideal for keeping just-cooked food warm, for creaming risottos and for
keeping serving dishes warm (with induction-suitable accessory).
Zero power OFF Support surface Cooktop in stand-by or off mode (possible end-of-cooking residual
heat, indicated by an “H”).

Is the power level set correctly? 

At the time of purchase, the cooktop is set to the maximum possible power. Adjust the setting in relation to the limits of the electrical system in your home as described in the following paragraph.

NOTE: Depending on the power selected for the cooktop, some of the cooking zone power levels and functions (e.g. boil or quick reheating) could be automatically limited, in order to prevent the selected limit from being exceeded.

To set the power of the cooktop: Once you have connected the device to the mains power supply, you can set the power level within 60 seconds.

  1. Press the timer “+” button for at least 5 seconds. The display shows Power Cooktop.JPG.
  2. Press the “OK” button until the last power level selected appears. Use the “+” and “−” buttons to select the desired power level. The power levels available are:4.0 kW – 6.0 kW – 7.2 kW.
  3. Confirm by pressing “OK”. (The power level selected will stay in the memory even if the power supply is interrupted.)

If an error occurs during the setting sequence, the EE Induction symbol.JPG symbol will appear, and you will hear a beep. If this happens, repeat the operation.

Is the cooktop properly ventilated?

The cooktop needs to have proper ventilation for optimal performance.  Poor ventilation can cause:

  • Cooktop overheating and shutting down
  • Longer heating and/or boiling times

 Reference the Installation Instructions for specific venting information. 

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