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How to Turn the Turntable Function On or Off

Using the Turntable Function on your Whirlpool Microwave

The Turntable function may be turned off on select models for manual cooking only. This is also helpful when cooking with plates that are bigger than the turntable or when cooking with plates that are side by side. Two different styles of microwaves have the turntable function. Please see the steps below on how to turn this function on and off.  Reminder: Please see your Owner's Manual for specific information on your microwave. 

Style 1: Turntable button

Turntable button.png

If your microwave has a "Turntable" button on the display, use the below instructions: 

  1. Locate the "Turntable" button/key on the control panel.
  2. Press the button to either turn on or off the function.

Additional information about this function: 

  • By touching the Turntable ON/OFF button/key, it is possible to switch the turntable ON and OFF during some microwave cycles. 
  • The turntable can be turned “On” or “Off” during the Manual Cook, Manual Reheat, Manual Defrost, Manual Steam Cook, and all Easy Convect cycles.
  • The Turntable feature cannot be turned off during preset/auto cooking or sensor functions.

Style 2: Tools Menu

If your microwave has a "Tools" menu on the display, use the below instructions:

  1.  Locate the "Tools" menu on the display.
  2. Press the "Turntable" key to turn the function on or off. 

Additional information about this function: 

  • The Tools selection key allows you to access hidden functions within the Electronic Oven Control.
  • These hidden functions allow you to set the clock, change the oven temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius, turn the audible signals and prompts on and off, adjust the oven calibration, turn the turntable On/Off, change language, and turn on demo mode.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.