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Setting the Timer on the Microwave

How to Set the Timer on your Whirlpool Microwave

The Timer can be set in minutes and seconds, up to 90 to 99 minutes (depending on model), and counts down the set time. While the Timer is in use, the microwave oven can also operate.  Reminder timer directions will vary by model, so please refer to your Owner's Manual for specific instructions for your model. 

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To Set the Timer: 

  1. Touch the Timer Set/Off button. 
  2. The Timer icon will appear in the display.
  3. "Enter Time in Min and Sec" will scroll in the display. Touch the number pads to set the length of time.
  4. Touch the Timer Set/Off button or Start button to start the timer. When the set time ends, "End" will appear in the display, and end-of-timer tones will sound (if enabled), followed by reminder tones. 

To Cancel the Timer:

  1. Touch the Timer Set/Off button or Cancel button to end the timer

REMINDER: Touching Cancel Off while a cook function is active in the display will cancel the cook function, not the Timer.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.