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Spills or Stains Not Removed after AquaLift Cycle

 Possible Solutions

Sides, back, or door not completely clean?

Run the cleaning cycle first as instructed. Then use a nonabrasive scrub sponge or eraser style cleaning pad (without cleaners). These can be effective for cleaning the oven cavity walls, oven door and oven bottom for difficult soils. 

For best results, moisten the pads and sponges before use and wipe up the area immediately after the cycle is completed.  affresh™ cooktop cleaner may also be used to clean the oven bottom, walls, and door when the oven has finished the cycle and returned to room temperature.

Oven bottom not completely clean?

The most effective method to remove difficult soils that are not clean after the cycle is to run another cycle.  This second cycle may be necessary if the soil is excessively thick or has a large surface area.  The first cycle will make the soil thinner and the surface area smaller.  The second cycle will be more effective to lift the soil since it is now a smaller soil.

Running the cycle regularly will reduce the need to run the cycle more than once at a time.

Use of a non-scratch sponge or plastic scraper is suggested as well, which is included in the AquaLift Cleaning Kit.

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Additional Information

KIT W10474646 contains the following: 

  • W10474246, affresh™ Cooktop Cleaner (2 oz) - (see cleaning method below regarding proper use of cooktop cleaner in oven cavity).
  • W10434161, Sponge
  • W10432017, Sponge
  • W10432015, Scraper
  • W10477708, Instruction Sheet

NOTE: This is the same cleaning kit that ships with the product, with the addition of the cooktop cleaner.

For stubborn soils, affresh™  cooktop cleaner can be used after the cycle is completed and oven has cooled.

IMPORTANT: If affresh™ cooktop cleaner is used, wiping out the cavity with distilled water is recommended as well.  Non-abrasive scrub sponges or eraser style cleaning pads (without cleaners) can also be used and are effective for cleaning the oven cavity walls, oven door and oven bottom after the cleaning cycle.