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Using the Wireless Remote Timer and Thermometer

How do I install the battery?

Remove the battery cover on the back of the thermometer.  Insert 4 AAA 1.5V batteries as indicated by the polarity symbols (+ and -).   

There is a strip under the battery cover to prevent battery drain in shipping.  Please remove the strip before continuing with these instructions (you may need to remove the battery compartment to avoid breaking the strip). 

If readings grow dim or irregular, the batteries may need to be replaced.   

To preserve the batteries, turn both units On when in use and OFF when not in use.   

Replace the battery cover.


How do I use the Meat Probe? 

Wireless Remote Timer and Thermometer Components:

wireless_thermometer_handheld_unit.jpg      wireless_thermometer_probe.jpg


1.  Connecting the probe

Locate the probe port on the side of the thermometer(Transmitting Base).  Insert the probe connector plug into the port.  (See Fig. 1).  



2.  Powering ON

Turn on Handheld Unit and Transmitting Base Unit by using the On/Off switch on each.  Base LED Light will be green when powered ON.  Turn off both devices when not in use.

3.  SYNC

When both devices are turned on, "SYNC" will appear in the upper left corner of the LCD screen indicating they are synced.

4.  °C/°F Temperature Display

Switch between °C and °F using the button on the top side of the thermometer(Handheld Unit). 

Button Configuration


5.  "Mode" Button

Press MODE to change between settings for the TEMPERATURE or the TIMER.  (See Button Configuration above).  When Meat and Taste are selected they will be underlined.

6.  Temperature

You must be in Temperature mode to control Temperature settings.  There are 2 Temperature modes:  Preset and Manual.

6a.  Preset

Only "Meat" and "Taste" should be underlined on the LCD screen.  Press the MEAT button to scroll through the 8 meat choices:  stop when desired meat choice is highlighted. 

Press the Taste button to scroll through the Meat doneness settings:  stop when desired meat doneness appears.

6b.  Manual

Press the "+" or "-" button to override the Preset Setting and to enter into the Manual Setting.  Only "TEMP" should be underlined on the LCD screen.  Press "+" or "-" to increase or decrease Set Temp.  Stop when desired Set Temperature is reached.


When Current Temperature has reached Set Temperature, the alarm will beep and the LCD screen will flash.  Press any button to silence the alarm.

7.  Probe Insertion

Insert probe tip into the center of the thickest part of the meat, ensuring the tip has not pierced through the other side of the meat. 

Do not expose any part of the probe to open flame. 

Handheld Unit will beep once it reaches the Set Temp displayed.  

Removable Handheld unit can be placed up to 200 ft. from the Transmitting Base. 

Transmitting Base sits neatly on the counter while the probe is inserted.

8.  Timer Instructions - Count-Up / Count-Down Timer

Press MODE to select TIMER. Timer is selected when underlined. To set a count-down time, press H/M (Hours/Minutes).  

Press once for Hours. Hours will flash when in this setting.  Press again for Minutes.  Minutes will flash when in this setting.  

Press + or - to increase or decrease the displayed time.

To start a count-up without setting a time, press to start from zero.  

To pause the timer during a count-down or count-up, to clear timer, press button to pause count-down or count-up.  

Once paused, press “+” and “-” at the same time to reset to zero.  

When the count-up or count-down is finished, the thermometer will beep and the LCD screen will flash. Press any key to silence the alert.

How do I clean the meat probe, handheld unit and base unit? 

Unplug meat probe from the thermometer.  Hand wash meat probe ONLY using mild soap and hot water.  Rinse thoroughly.  Dry completely with a soft cloth.

Wipe Handheld Unit and Base Unit clean.

How far away can the handheld unit be from the base unit?  

The Removable Handheld unit can be placed up to 200 ft. from the Transmitting Base.