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Checking the Anti-Tip Bracket Installation

How to Check the Anti-Tip Bracket Installation on Whirlpool Ranges


Verify Anti-Tip Bracket Is Installed and Engaged:

On Ranges Equipped with a Removable Storage Drawer:

  1. Remove the storage drawer. See “Storage Drawer” section.
  2. Use a flashlight to look underneath the bottom of the range.
  3. Visually check that the rear range foot is inserted into the slot of the anti-tip bracket.

On Ranges Equipped with a Warming Drawer, Non-Removable Storage Drawer, or No Storage Drawer:

  1. Place the outside of your foot against the bottom front of the warming drawer or premium storage drawer, and grasp the lower right or left side of the control panel as shown.
  • NOTE: If your countertop is mounted with a backsplash, it may be necessary to grasp the range higher than is shown in the illustration.


  • NOTE: If your range does not have a a rear mounted control panel, grasp the back of the range, as shown in the illustration.


  1. Slowly attempt to tilt the range forward.  If you encounter immediate resistance, the range foot is engaged in the anti-tip bracket.
  2. If the rear of the range lifts more than ½" (1.3 cm) off the floor without resistance, stop tilting the range and lower it gently back to the floor.
    1. The range foot is not engaged in the anti-tip bracket.
    2. IMPORTANT: If there is a snapping or popping sound when lifting the range, the range may not be fully engaged in the bracket.  Check to see if there are obstructions keeping the range from sliding to the wall or keeping the range foot from sliding into the bracket. Verify that the bracket is held securely in place by the mounting screws.
  3. Slide the range forward, and verify that the anti-tip bracket is securely attached to the floor or wall.
  4. Slide range back so the rear range foot is inserted into the slot of the anti-tip bracket.
Typical Anti-Tip Bracket and Range Foot

See installation instructions for details.