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Will Not Wash - Portable Dishwasher

Possible Solutions

Is the water supply valve turned on/ off?

Verify that water flows at the sink, if not:

  • Check the water supply to the sink and home.
  • The hot water supply valve must be turned on for the dishwasher to fill. A manual shutoff valve mostly likely can be located under the sink. Check to see if it is on or off. 

Is Delay Start being used? Is the cycle paused?

With the delay wash option selected: 

  • The dishwasher cycle starts at a later time or during off-peak electrical hours.
  •  Will NOT run until the delay time is reached.
  • The delay countdown will not continue if the door is not latched. This will keep the unit from operating/ washing. 

To Turn Off the Delay Wash Feature:

  • Press CANCEL/DRAIN to cancel the delay. Then press START/RESUME to start a cycle without a delay. 

Pausing of the machine may be due to: 

  • An accidental key press of the START/RESUME, pausing the machine. The LED will indicate this by flashing. Make sure the door is closed and latched, then Press START/RESUME to resume the cycle, there should be a solid LED before the cycle resumes. 
  • As part of normal operation, the dishwasher pauses two to three times during the cycle for thermal holds (to raise the temperature) and advances once the temperature is met. 

Refer to your Owner's Manual for these operations.

Is the door open or unlatched?  Is the START/RESUME indicator flashing?

If the door is opened during a cycle:

  • The door becomes unlatched and the power is interrupted, then the Start/Resume indicator (LED) flashes. 
  • Resume the cycle by pressing the START/RESUME key and closing the door within 3 seconds.
  • Or after the door has been closed press the START/RESUME key.
  • There should be a solid START/RESUME LED now, and the dishwasher can resume its operation. That's if this is what needed to be corrected.

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