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Leaking During Steam Cycle - Dryer

Possible Solution

What was the load size?

Steam cycles are optimized for large, normal, or heavy loads. Using this feature with smaller loads could result in wet spots or condensation on the door or interior drum. 

Normal Condensation?

Steam can condensate on the door, which could product a couple of drips when the door is opened. 

Is the water supply connected correctly?

During the Steam cycles, water is sprayed at about 4-5 minutes into the cycle for about 1 minute. The spray may not be visible.

Check the following:

  • Make sure the water inlet hose is connected to both the faucet and the dryer's water inlet valve.
  • Make sure that both ends of both inlet hoses contain the hose washers. Make sure that all the connections are tight.

Is the dryer level? 

A level dryer is required to sense load moisture during different cycles. See the Installation Instructions for details. 

Check the Exhaust Vent

If the vent is restricted condensation could build up in the dryer, which could lead to poor drying performance. 

  • Clean the lint screen
  • Check to see if the vent run from the dryer to the wall is crushed or kinked.
  • Confirm that the vent run from the dryer to the wall is free of lint and debris.
  • Confirm that the exterior vent exhaust hood is free of lint and debris.
  • Confirm that your vent system falls within the recommended run length and number of elbows for the type of vent you are using. See the Installation Instructions for details.

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