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Whirlpool Home Appliances

How to use the EcoBoost cycle

Were you using the EcoBoost™ option?

Touch to activate the EcoBoost™ option, which allows you to increase your energy savings by using a slightly lower heat level.
For automatic cycles the EcoBoost™ option will increase drying times by approximately 40 minutes; the LED Display will reflect this time.
The EcoBoost™ option will default on for Normal. For optimal energy turn on the EcoBoost™ option. For optimal time turn off the EcoBoost™ option.

Your dryer remembers if you have used the EcoBoost™ Cycle previously. If you used it before, it is already set for that same cycle again. If you no longer want to use EcoBoost™, you will have to turn it off.

The EcoBoost™ Cycle can be selected for: Mixed Gentle, Casual Normal, Casual Gentle, Delicate Normal, and Delicate Gentle. It will be not available for the other cycles.