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Cleaning the Lint Cartridge and Filter on a HybridCare Dryer

Cleaning the lint cartridge and filter on your Whirlpool HybridCare™ Electric Dryer 

This filter is located at the bottom front of the dryer:

  1. Open the bottom filter flap. Lift the handle and pull out the filter. Set the filter on the dryer and pull out the lint screen and foam pad located at the back of the filter. Remove the lint off the screen and foam pad with your fingers.

Opening the filter at the bottom front of dryer

NOTE: If lint remains on the screen and foam pad, then wet both sides with hot water. If necessary, wet a nylon brush with hot water and liquid detergent. Scrub the lint screen with the brush to remove residue buildup. Rinse the screen and foam pad with hot water. 

Cleaning lint screen and foam pad with brush and hot water

  1. Clean the filter housing and mesh inside with a damp cloth, household vacuum cleaner, or soft brush. Clean the screen at the back of the filter cabinet once a month. 

Cleaning the filter housing and inside mesh

  1. Put the lint screen and foam pad back into the filter and put the filter back in the dryer cabinet. The dryer will not operate without a filter, and make sure the handle is downward to lock in place. LF will display if not properly seated.

IMPORTANT: Do not run the dryer with the filter loose, damaged, blocked, or missing. Doing so can cause overheating and damage to both the dryer and fabrics.

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