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Using Auto Dry with Wrinkle Shield™

Using Auto Dry with Wrinkle Shield™ on my Whirlpool Dryer 

Some Auto Dry cycles have the Wrinkle Shield™ feature (on some models), which will periodically tumble the load at the end of the cycle to keep wrinkles from setting. The occasional tumbling will continue for 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the model.   

Note that when using Wrinkle Shield™, your dryer will tumble on and off at the end of the cycle. This will prevent wrinkles from being set in your clothing. Sometimes users feel that the dryer is turning on and off by itself. If you do not want this to happen at the end of your cycle, turn off the Wrinkle Shield™ option. 

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See your Owner's Manual for more information about using the Wrinkle Shield™ Cycle.

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