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Steam Option Not Working - Dryer


Possible Solutions

Is the water supply connected correctly?

 During the Steam cycles, water is sprayed at about 4-5 minutes into the cycle for about 1 minute. The spray may not be visible.

  • Make sure water is connected to the dryer.
  • Make sure the water inlet hose is connected to both the faucet and the dryer's water inlet valve.

  • Make sure the water supply is turned on.

  • Verify that the inlet hose is not kinked or clogged.

  • If using Flood Safe Hoses, check to see if tripped.

Was the correct Steam Option cycle secleted?

Quick Refresh:

Use Quick Refresh to smooth out wrinkles and reduce odor from loads consisting of one to twelve dry items of wrinkle-free cotton, cotton-polyester blend, common knits and synthetic garments. To program, select the number of garments to be refreshed. Once Start is pressed the cycle time is displayed based on your selection. The temperature is preset to Medium and cannot be adjusted.     

Enhanced Touch Up:    

Use Enhanced Touch Up to smooth out wrinkles from loads left sitting in the dryer or from clothes packed in a suitcase or closet. The temperature is set to Medium, but may be adjusted to High if desired. Cycle time can be adjusted.

Please note that not all cycles and options are available when using a steam cycle.

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