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How to remove the shipping strap

Most combination washer-dryer units come from the factory with a yellow shipping strap installed. This secures the washer tub in place during shipping to prevent damage.

The shipping strap must be removed before use of the washer. If it is not removed, and the washer is started, the tub is unable to move, and will cause vibration in your combination washer-dryer unit. The strap must be completely removed, and 2 cotter pins will come out on the ends of the strap. 

See pictures of the back of the washer with shipping strap still in place, and of the strap after removal below:


Do not cut the strap before removal. Once removed, the strap can be used to secure the drain hose to the stand pipe or laundry tub. After removal, it needs to be cut to do this, however it cannot be cut until it is removed from the back of the washer. See installation instructions for more details.

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