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Control Panel Symbols and Usage - Compact Front Load Washer

The Control Panel symbols are different than most washers

This section gives an explanation of the buttons and indicators for your washer. See your Owner's Manual for further explanation.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.

Buttons and indicators of washer control panel

Power button   POWER BUTTON: Touch and hold until the indicator above the Program button lights up. The indicators above all the buttons will scroll from left to right as the washer turns on. Symbols appear on the control panel and sounds are played. Touch and hold POWER to cancel a cycle. “rES” is displayed when the cycle is canceled.

Program or cycle button of washer   PROGRAM (cycle): When you turn on the washer, the light above this button will turn on. This indicates you can now select your program or cycle. The program settings which you used last will appear on the control panel as a default.

Program or cycle options  PROGRAM/CYCLE AREA:  An Indicator next to each program/cycle lights up as you use the knob to scroll through the list. Press the knob when the indicator next to the desired program/cycle lights up.

Control knob of washer CONTROL KNOB:  Turn the knob to select a program/cycle for your laundry load, change program/cycle temperature, adjust spin speed, set delay start time or dosing values, or select Other Options. Press the knob to confirm your selection.

Additional wash options  OPTIONS:  Touch to select additional wash options or additional features on the washer before touching the Start/Pause button. Additional wash options or additional features selected after touching the Start/Pause button may not be activated. To return to factory default cycle settings, unplug the washer for 30 seconds, then plug back in.

Color preserving optionOption to preserve laundry colors    This option helps to preserve the colors of your laundry by washing them with cold water 59°F (15°C). Suitable for lightly soiled colored laundry without stains.

Tumble fresh option Tumble fresh option on washer  The TumbleFresh™ option will periodically tumble the load after the end of the cycle every 3 minutes for 7 seconds, for up to 6 hours. To turn on the TumbleFresh™ option, touch the TumbleFresh™ button. If, however, the TumbleFresh™ option is turned on, it will stay on for all future cycles until turned back off – the washer remembers the last on/off status set. To turn off the TumbleFresh™ option, touch the TumbleFresh™ button.

Correct detergent amount option Correct detergent amount option with light    This option helps to determine the correct amount of detergent for your laundry load. The concentration of detergents varies considerably, so adjust the amount of detergent as needed. Also check if the washer’s preset water hardness level matches your local water hardness level and adjust it if needed.

When you touch this button, the Detergent Dosing Aid symbol lights up in the display.  When you touch the Start/Pause button to start the program/cycle, the drum will rotate to detect the load size of the laundry.  During load detection, the time display changes from cycle time to a chasing LED animation. The display will then show the recommended detergent amount in milliliters.  Use any standard measuring cup to measure out the right detergent amount.  After adding detergent, close the detergent dispenser.  Touch and hold the Start/Pause button to continue the cycle.

        1. Check your detergent dosing amount for medium soil level and medium water hardness. NOTE: Do not add more than the dose recommended by the
        detergent manufacturer.
        2. Touch and hold the Dosing Aid button until the bottle symbol  on the display lights up.  Detergent bottle symbol on display
        3. Turn the knob to adjust the dosing value to the one shown on the detergent bottle. Press the knob to confirm your selection.


To set the washer for local water hardness (washer is preset for soft water):
1. Check your regional water hardness level by consulting your local authorities or the internet.
2. If your water is not soft, touch and hold the Program and Dosing Aid buttons at the same time. “1” (for soft water) appears on the display.
3. Turn the knob to adjust the water level to either “2” (Medium) or “3” (Hard). Press the knob to confirm your selection.

Delay wash  Delay wash option     Delay Wash - This option starts your program/cycle at a later time - up to 24 hours.  To set a Delayed Wash: 1. Touch the Delay Wash button to set the desired delay time. 2. Turn the knob to the number of hours you want to delay the start of the wash cycle. The delay time will appear on the display. Press the knob to confirm your selection. After touching the Start/Pause button, the door will lock and the time will count down until the delay time has been reached. The washer will start and the display will show the remaining time in the cycle.


 Setting option on control panel  SETTINGS - not available on all cycles

Temperature setting option Temperature setting option for cycle   Temperature - This setting lets you change the temperature of the program/cycle selected, if desired.

Spin speed with rinse/hold option for cycle Omnia Spin Speed.JPG   Spin Speed - This setting lets you change the spin speed of the program/cycle selected, if desired.

Rinse/Hold - This option is selected under spin speed. If you select Rinse/Hold, the machine will stop at the end of the rinse portion of the cycle and leave the clothes soaking until you touch the Start/Pause button to continue the drain and final spin.

Other cycle options Other options for cycle with indicator light     Other Options  - After setting temperature or spin speed, the light above “Options” lights up. Turn the knob to select the desired option(s). As you turn the knob,                         the option symbols above the Options button will light up one at a time. Stop turning when the symbol of the desired option lights up. Press the knob to confirm                          your selection.

Save time option which enables quick wash   Save Time - This option enables quicker washing. Only recommended for lightly soiled laundry. 

Extra rinse option to extend rinse time  Extra Rinse - This option helps to avoid detergent residues in the laundry by extending the rinse time. Especially suitable for baby laundry, people with allergies,             or areas with soft water.

Heavy soil option   Heavy Soil  -  This option optimizes the stain-removal efficiency of additives. It is ideal for heavily soiled, stained laundry. Add an appropriate amount of powder             in-wash additive for stain removal to the main wash compartment, together with your detergent (powder only). This may extend the program by up to 15 minutes.             Appropriate for use with oxygen-based stain removers.

   IMPORTANT: Chlorine or perborate (borox) bleach agents must not be used.

Warm rinse option Warm Rinse - This option ends with a warm rinse. This rinse relaxes the fibers of your laundry to make it feel comfortably warm when removed soon after the             program/cycle ends.

PreWash option helps to clean heavily soiled clothsPreWash - This option helps to clean heavily soiled laundry by adding a 20-minute prewash to the program/cycle selected.

Control lock optionControl Lock - This option allows you to lock the buttons and knob to avoid unwanted use by small children or other persons. Touch and hold the Option             button until the key symbol lights up (approximately 3 seconds). All controls will be locked except for the Power button. To cancel Key Lock, touch and hold the             Option button until the key symbol goes off.

Start and pause optionStart and pause button   START/PAUSE BUTTON  - Touch to start, or touch and hold to pause, a program/cycle. When you start a program/cycle, the display shows an animation of chasing LEDs. This indicates the washer is estimating dry load size. Once the load size is estimated, water will be added to start the wash cycle.

LED display on control panel  LED DISPLAY

When you select a program/cycle, its default settings will light up and the Estimated Time Remaining will be displayed. Factors such as load size, wash temperature, and water pressure may affect the time shown in the display. Tightly packing, unbalanced loads, or excessive suds may cause the washer to lengthen the program/cycle time, as well.


 Door is unlocked    Door can be opened (unlocked).

 Inadequate water supply    Water supply is inadequate. Check to make sure that your water supply has been turned on.

  Water is not draining properly   Water cannot be drained. Drain pump filter, drain hose, or pump may be blocked. Check drain hose for kinks or clean the filter as shown in “Washer Maintenance"             in your Owner's Manual.

  Service call symbol   Call for service.  There is something wrong with the washer that will require an authorized service technician.

Dosing Aid symbol  Dosing Aid symbols - see options above.

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