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Getting Cold Water when Warm or Hot was Selected

Why am I getting Cold Water when I selected Warm or Hot?

The table below shows the approximate water temperature you may expect when making a temperature selection.

Water Selections

Wash Temperatures

Hot 101 - 115
Warm 80 - 85
Cool 65 - 75
Cold 55 - 65
Tap Cold Tap Cold

For most washers, water enters the unit from two valves on the rear of the appliance (we have a few models that only have one inlet valve). One valve regulates the hot water, and the other valve regulates the cold water. The water flows into the tub from the upper rear section of the unit. If the unit has a dispenser, water flows through the dispenser. Only one valve will cycle on at a time. The unit will first dispense cold water at the beginning of every wash cycle, regardless of the water temperature selection. The washer senses the temperature at the bottom of the tub and not at the incoming valve where the water enters the appliance.

Hot and cold water inlets of washer

You must also take into consideration where you are located. Based on the ground temperature, if you select a cold wash, you can invariably see the unit bring warm water to take the water to the required temperature. For example, someone who lives in a colder region may see the unit alternate between cold and warm water even though they may have selected a cold wash. This is because the tap water temperature may be too cold for a cold wash, and the unit will compensate by bringing the water temperature to an acceptable level to provide the best cleaning.

The same is true for people living in a hot region. The tap water may be warmer than normal, so if you request a warm wash, the unit may never request hot water since the water entering the appliance will be at the proper wash temperature coming out of the water line.

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