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Using the Corner Dispensers in a Top Load HE washer

Using the Corner Dispensers in my Whirlpool Top Load HE washer

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Are the laundry products (detergent, fabric softener, liquid chlorine bleach, booster) in the correct dispenser compartment?

  • Make sure you add laundry products to the correct dispensers.
  • Always measure detergent before adding it to the detergent dispenser, following the detergent manufacturer's directions. Do not fill past the Max-fill lines on the dispenser. Many detergents, including concentrated detergents, should be well below the Max-fill lines when following the detergent manufacturer's directions.
  • You can add powdered or liquid color-safe bleach to the detergent dispenser. Be sure to match powdered color-safe bleach with powdered detergent or match liquid color-safe bleach with liquid detergent. Use only liquid chlorine bleach in the bleach dispenser.
  • Some models have a dispenser for laundry boosters. Use this dispenser for optimal performance of laundry booster or color-safe bleach. See your Owner's Manual for directions on how to use this dispenser.

Always use only HE High Efficiency detergent for HE washers.

HE detergent is less sudsing, and gives best performance in an HE machine.

CLICK HERE for more information on using HE detergent

Is water left in the dispenser at the end of the cycle?

About two tablespoons of water could remain in the chlorine bleach or fabric softener dispenser at the end of the cycle. This is normal.

Are the laundry products dispensing too early?

Here is a tip that can keep the laundry products (fabric softener or liquid chlorine bleach) from dispensing early:

Do not fill past the Max-fill lines on the dispenser. Overfilling can cause early dispensing of liquid chlorine bleach and/or fabric softener.

Is liquid chlorine bleach remaining in the dispenser? 

There are a few reasons why bleach may remain in the dispenser:

Liquid chlorine bleach automatically dispenses toward the end of the wash to ensure the best cleaning performance. This is normal.

Do not add powdered or color-safe bleach or oxi to this compartment. Liquid or powdered color-safe bleach may be added to the detergent dispenser, along with the same type of detergent, liquid or powdered. Color-safe bleach is thicker than chlorine bleach and will not properly dispense from the chlorine bleach dispenser.

A small amount of water may stay in the liquid chlorine bleach dispenser at the end of the cycle. Water flushes the liquid chlorine bleach into the washer and cleans out the dispenser. This is normal.

Is fabric softener remaining in the dispenser?

The fabric softener automatically dispenses during the last rinse of the cycle to ensure best performance. Do not add powdered laundry products to this compartment.

Is the fabric softener dispenser clogged?

Clean the fabric softener dispenser. See your Owner's Manual. 

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