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What Foods Can be put in a Disposer?

What Kind of Foods Can Be Put Into a Whirlpool Food Waste Disposer? 

Your product has been designed to dispose of normal household food waste. Use the chart below as a guide. When grinding normal household food waste, be sure to run the disposer with a moderate-to-strong flow of cold water, and continue to run the cold water for 15 seconds after grinding is complete to flush the drain line.

Food Types

Continuous & Batch Feed

Everyday food scraps


Vegetable peels
(Potato skins, melon and fruit rinds)

Avoid grinding large amounts at one time. Instead, gradually feed vegetable peels in while running the water and the disposer.

Fibrous materials
(Celery, corn husks, artichokes)

No; but some higher horsepower models can handle limited amounts of these food types.

Hard Materials - See NOTE below.
(Small bones, fruit pits, egg and lobster shells, crab and shrimp shells)

Avoid grinding large amounts at one time. Instead, gradually feed hard materials while running the water and the disposer.

NOTE: If you are on a septic system, grinding large amounts of these types of waste may require more frequent cleaning of the septic tank system.

IMPORTANT: Do not put items like plastic, glass, china, metal, tin cans, bottle caps, large whole bones or oyster and clam shells, grease, or fat into the disposer. Place these items in the trash.

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