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Installing the Sliding Baskets - Convertible Chest Freezer

Installation and Location of Sliding Freezer Baskets

Store small packages in the upper baskets to avoid losing them in the bottom of the freezer. Baskets can then be moved from side to side or they can be removed when loading or unloading the food below them

Sliding Rails

  1. Unpack sliding rails from packaging.
  2. Line up the frames next to each other (A). Use the clips to connect the side rails to each other (B). Lower the connected rails to the bottom of the freezer (C). Baskets can be used in multiple locations (A).


Positioning basket placement

Prepare baskets for use along the top of the freezer. Remove clips from the bottom of the basket (1) and click in place along the top of the basket (4).


Slide Rail Basket position 

Prepare baskets for use on sliding rails (B). Remove clips from the top of the basket (1) and click in place on the bottom of the basket (4).

Basket Location 

Basket location options only:


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