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Control Panel Not Working - Refrigerator

Possible Solutions

Has the power recently gone out?

The power outage indicator lets you know if the power supply to the refrigerator has been cut off and the freezer temperature has risen to 18°F (-8°C) or higher. When power has been restored, “PO” repeatedly flashes on the display screen and the red Power Outage icon appears. When the indicator is on, all other control and dispenser functions are disabled until you confirm that you are aware of the power outage.

Is the refrigerator in showroom or demo mode?

This mode (on some models) is used when the refrigerator is on display in a retail store or if you want to turn the cooling off and deactivate all other functions except interior lighting.  In this mode the control panel will not respond to most commands. 

If you unintentionally turn on Showroom mode, the word “Showroom” will light up on the display (on some models).  The sequence for exiting showroom mode varies by model, so please refer to your Owner's Manual for full instructions.

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Is the refrigerator in Sabbath mode? 

Sabbath Mode (on some models) is designed for those whose religious observances require turning off the lights and dispensers. In Sabbath Mode, the temperature set points remain unchanged, but the interior and dispenser lights turn off, all sounds and alarms are disabled, the dispenser display screen backlight turns off, and the dispenser pads are disabled

The sequence for exiting Sabbath mode varies by model, so please refer to your Owner's Manual for full instructions.

Reset the refrigerator

If the control panel is still not responding, try resetting the refrigerator as instructed below. If the problem persists, schedule service.

Reset power to the product:

  • Power unit down by turning off the circuit breaker(s) or unplugging the product for 5 - 10 minutes.
  • Power unit up by turning on the circuit breaker(s) or plugging the product back in.
  • Ensure the cooling function is turned on.
  • Test the control panel functionality. 

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