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Door Not Closing - Refrigerator

Possible Solution

Are food packages or beverage bottles blocking the door?

 Rearrange containers so that they fit more tightly, take up less space, and avoid blocking the door. 

Are the shelves or bins out of position?

If a shelf or bin is not in the correct location, or not pushed all the way in, it could prevent the door from closing properly.  If a shelf doesn't push all the way in, the rails may need to be cleaned.  If a door bin is preventing the door from closing properly, try moving it either up or down a position on the door. 

Is the mullion or vertical hinged seal folded outward? 

On French door models, there is a vertically-hinged seal on the left refrigerator door.  The doors can be opened and closed either separately or together.  When the left-side door is opened, the hinged seal automatically folds inward so that it is out of the way. When both doors are closed, the hinged seal automatically forms a seal between the two doors.  If the seal is folded outward when the door is open, make sure to fold it inward by hand before the door is closed.  If the seal remains in the outward position the doors will not close or seal properly. 

Is the refrigerator level?

It is important to ensure the refrigerator is level before aligning the doors. A properly leveled refrigerator will help with the overall proper operation of the refrigerator.  Please refer to your Owner's Manual or Installation Instructions for specific leveling information for your refrigerator. 

Tips for leveling the refrigerator: 

  • Use a level to make sure the refrigerator is level from side to side and front to back.
  • Check to make sure the floor under the refrigerator is also level; if the floor is not level shims may need to be used.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to level the refrigerator - French Door


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