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Using the Produce Preserver

Using the Produce Preserver in your Whirlpool Refrigerator

The produce preserver absorbs ethylene to slow the ripening process of many produce items, ensuring that certain items stay fresher longer.

Ethylene production and sensitivity vary depending on the type of fruit or vegetable. To preserve freshness, it is best to separate produce sensitive to ethylene from fruits that produce moderate-to-high amounts of ethylene.


How to Install the Produce Preserver

For your convenience, the suction-mounted produce preserver can be installed in either the crisper or the refrigerated drawers.

  1. Wash the interior of a drawer with a solution of mild dish soap and warm water and dry thoroughly.
  2. Find the package containing the Produce Preserver inside the refrigerator and install the Produce Preserver into the drawer according to the instructions provided in the package.

How to Replace the Produce Preserver

The disposable packet(s) should be replaced every six months or when the status indicator changes completely from white to red.

  1. Remove the used packets from the produce preserver housing.
  2. Remove the used status indicator.
  3. Install the replacement packets and status indicators using the instructions included in the package.

Produce Preserver refills (W10346771A) are available at some retailers, including Amazon. If your refrigerator is not equipped with a Produce Preserver case, or you are missing the case, you may purchase a starter kit (P1FB6S1).


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