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Aligning the Refrigerator Doors

How to Align the Whirlpool Refrigerator Doors (Up and Down)

Once the doors and drawer fronts are replaced on the refrigerator, you may notice that the doors appear angled or that they are no longer level. Both the refrigerator doors and refrigerated drawers are adjustable. 

NOTE: A hex key will be needed for aligning the doors, the key should have been provided with your new refrigerator.

  1. Keeping both refrigerator doors closed, pull out the right-hand refrigerated drawer. Locate the bottom hinge pin of the refrigerator door. The alignment screw is inside the bottom hinge pin.


  1. Insert the short end of the ¹⁄¿" hex key (packed with the Door Handle Installation Instructions) into the bottom hinge pin until it is fully engaged in the alignment screw.
  •     To raise the door, turn the hex key to the right.
  •     To lower the door, turn the hex key to the left.
  1. Continue to turn the alignment screw until the doors are aligned.

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