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How to Remove or Reset the Door Hinge - Soft Closure Feature

How to Reset the Bottom Door Hinge on a Whirlpool Refrigerator

For your convenience, the refrigerator doors have bottom hinges with door closers. These closers allow the doors to swing fully closed with just a gentle push.
IMPORTANT: So that the closers feature will operate properly, the doors must be removed only when open to a 90° angle to the front of the cabinet. If one or both doors were not at a 90° angle when removed, the bottom door hinge must be reset.




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  1.  Lift the door from the bottom hinge pin and place it on a flat surface.
  2. Using a driver with a #2 square bit, remove the bottom hinge with the bushing from the cabinet.
  1. Insert the bottom hinge and bushing into the corresponding slot in the bottom of the door.
     NOTE: Make sure that the base of the hinge is parallel to the bottom of the door.


  1.  Turn the hinge until the hinge base is at a 90° angle to the bottom edge of the door.


  1. Remove the hinge from the door. Using a driver with a #2 square bit, reattach the bottom hinge to the refrigerator cabinet.
  2. The hinge is now reset and prepared for the door to be replaced. 



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