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Doors Not Sealing - Quad Door Refrigerator

Possible Solutions

Why is it essential to ensure the doors are sealing correctly?

A refrigerator that is not sealing properly may lead to the following:

  • Frost build-up
  • Temperature fluctuation 
  • The door switch is unable to make contact correctly 

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Is something blocking the door?

Move food packages away from the door. Push bin or shelf back into the correct position. Make sure the crisper cover is pushed in so that the backrests on the supports.  

Do the door gasket(s) seem dirty or sticky?

The gasket(s) needs to be cleaned regularly for the doors to open and close properly. Dirt and other particles can build up on the gasket surface and can cause resistance. Check the door gasket(s) regularly to ensure it is clean and free of food particles. 

CLICK HERE for information on how to clean the door gasket.

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Is the refrigerator level?

A properly leveled refrigerator will help with the overall proper operation of the refrigerator.  Please refer to your Owner's Manual or Installation Instructions for specific leveling information for your refrigerator. 

  1. Using your hand, rotate the brake feet.
  2. Turn them counterclockwise till the rollers are off the floor.

Tips for leveling the refrigerator: 

  • Use a level to make sure the refrigerator is level from side to side and front to back.
  • Check to make sure the floor under the refrigerator is also level; if the floor is not level, shims may need to be used.

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