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Information about the Saddle and Shutoff Valve

Is the correct saddle or shutoff valve installed?

  • Having the incorrect saddle valve installed can lead to the issues listed above as well as low water pressure. 
  • A low volume of water flow will cause small or hollow ice cubes, and can cause ice jamming. Be sure to use a ¼" type valve that requires a drilled hole.
  • It is not recommended to use a self piercing type or a 3/16" saddle valve, both of which clog easily. 

NOTE: Your refrigerator dealer has a kit available with a 1/4' (6.35 mm) saddle-type shut off valve, a union, and copper tubing.  Before purchasing or installing make sure that a saddle-type valve complies with your local plumbing codes.

                 Saddle Valve                     Shut off Valve

Check the Saddle Valve or Shut Off Valve for leaks

  • Check all connections at Supply Valve, Saddle Valve or Shut Off Valve style, make sure the tubing is firmly inserted into all fittings and that all fittings are tightened.
  • If Saddle Valve style, is being used, make sure the pipe clamp screws are tight. 
  • Make sure the Saddle Valve is fully turned open (CCW) and the packing nut on either style valve is tight.