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How to Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Filters

How to Choose the Correct Water Filter

Choosing the Wrong Water Filter
is Risky Business
     Dangers of Using Counterfeit Filters:


Failure to remove contaminants from your drinking water, such as lead, mercury, pesticides, asbestos, and pharmaceuticals.


Damage to your refrigerator or kitchen caused by a leak from an improperly fitted filter.


Any damages caused by counterfeit filters may not be covered by your refrigerator warranty.

      How Do You Avoid a Counterfeit?


Many counterfeits reflect older or discontinued packaging and model numbers. Visit to view the latest packaging.


Phony filters are often sold online for a fraction of the price of brand-name filters. If the cost of the filter seems too good to be true, it just might be!


Shipping Location 
 All approved EveryDrop® filter retailers are based in the United States. If your package is
 shipping from outside the United States, you may not receive a legitimate filter.

EveryDrop® is the only filter approved by these brands of refrigerators:

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The only way to confidently choose a filter that fits your refrigerator and works as intended is to                                           
purchase directly from an approved retailer.   



For more information on counterfeit filters, go to WWW.FILTERITOUT.ORG
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Do more with fresh, filtered water

Our convenient water filters reduce contaminants to provide refreshing hydration and limitless inspiration—right from your refrigerator. To purchase an EveryDropTM water filter, visit your local retailer or visit EveryDrop online.

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