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Changing Detergent or Softener

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Changing the Detergent or Fabric Softener in the Load & Go™ Dispenser

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The Load & Go™ bulk dispenser can be filled with detergent and fabric softener, or can be filled with two different liquid HE detergents. Depending on which you are using, you will have to make adjustments to your settings in the "Tools" area of your washer/dryer to ensure best performance. 

Radient Tools.jpg    

Touch the TOOLS button to access the Tools screen, which contains the following (you may need to scroll down with your finger to access all of the selections).

Load & Go™ Dispenser 1  
Press this icon to access:
Load & Go™ Status Dispenser 1 and choose between:

  • Active   (means that this dispenser is the one you are using for your current wash cycle).
  • Disabled (1 Cycle)    (Use this option when wanting to use Dispenser 2 for 1 load - e.g. when laundering baby clothing with specific detergent).     
  • Off (Permanently)   (You will not be using this dispenser until you set it again for use)

Touch the screen to select - you may have to scroll up or down to see all the selections.

Detergent Concentration Dispenser 1 and choose between:

  • 2X
  • 4X
  • 6X
  • 8X

Touch the dot on the screen to change the concentration.

Load & Go™ Dispenser 2
Press this icon to access:
Load & Go™ Status Dispenser 2 and choose between:

  • Active
  • Disabled (1 Cycle)
  • Off (Permanently)

Load & Go™ Content Dispenser 2 and choose between:

  • Softener
  • Detergent

Once set at Detergent:
Set Concentration Dispenser 2 and choose between:

  • 2X
  • 4X
  • 6X
  • 8X

It is important to set the dispensers properly so you do not release detergent at the end of the cycle (i.e. if dispenser 2 has detergent and is accidentally set for fabric softener). If using dispenser 2 for detergent, dispenser 1 is automatically disabled. 

If changing dispenser 2 from detergent to fabric softener, or vice versa, run 1 load without clothes to purge the lines within the washer. This will prevent detergent or fabric softener residue dispensing at the wrong time in a cycle.

If removing the dispenser for either cleaning or to change the detergent or softener, pull the dispenser straight up. Hold the dispenser level to avoid any spilling of liquid that may still be inside. 


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