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Moving Care


 Possible Solutions

Transporting your All-in-One Washer and Dryer:

  1. Shut off the water faucet. Disconnect and drain water inlet hose.
  2. If washer/dryer will be moved during freezing weather, follow WINTER STORAGE CARE directions before moving.
  3. Disconnect drain hose from drain system and from back of washer/dryer.
  4. Unplug power cord.
  5. Place inlet hose and drain hose inside washer/dryer drum.
  6. Bundle power cord with a rubber band or cable tie to keep it from hanging onto the ground.

IMPORTANT: Call for service to install new transport bolts. Do not reuse transport bolts. Washer/dryer must be transported in the upright position. To avoid structural damage to your washer/dryer, it must be properly set up for relocation by a certified technician.

Reinstalling and using washer/dryer again:

To reinstall washer/dryer after non-use, vacation, winter storage, or moving:

  1. Refer to Installation Instructions to locate, level, and connect washer/dryer.
  2. Before using again, run washer/dryer through the following recommended procedure: 
  • Flush water pipes and hose. Reconnect water inlet hose. Turn on the water faucet.
  • Plug in washer/dryer or reconnect power.
  • Run washer/dryer through HEAVY DUTY cycle to clean interior and remove antifreeze, if used. Use only HE detergent. Use half the manufacturer’s recommended amount for a medium-size load.



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