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Time Remaining

Possible Solutions

Time Remaining Clock

The clock showing on the right side of the LCD display serves 2 purposes:

  • Shows time remaining on the cycle that is currently running.
  • Allows to set a delayed start time.

NOTE:  When a cycle is running, the Time Remaining is an estimated time. This may fluctuate depending on moisture left in the load, water pressure, and water temperature.

Following are some examples of what your LCD screen will look like during the cycles. Clock on the right is the estimated time remaining.

Radiant New ETR Washing.jpg Radiant New ETR Rinsing.jpg 

Radiant New ETR Spinning.jpg Radiant New ETR Drying.jpg

Radiant New ETR Done.jpg

When setting a Delayed Start, touch the Estimated Time Remaining clock  to set. Follow the screen prompts. 


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