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Unlocking the Door Manually

Possible Solutions

How to Manually Open the Door

Try the other methods above for unlocking the door before trying this procedure. The door may unlock by itself after the failure condition no longer exists.

Electrical Shock - Laundry.jpg   

If the door will still cannot be opened after trying the other methods, perform the following:

Before Opening Door:

  • Turn off and unplug the washer/dryer.
  • Close the water faucet.
  • Wait until the drum has stopped rotating – never open the door while the drum is in motion.
  • Wait until water and laundry have cooled down when washing with high temperatures.

Always drain the water before opening the door by:

  • Following the instructions in the "Cleaning and Maintenance" section above for “Cleaning the Drain Pump Filter”.

To Unlock and Open Washer/Dryer Door:

  1. Open the drain pump filter access door at the bottom right corner at the front of the washer/dryer. With a Phillips head screwdriver, loosen and remove the Phillips head screw at the upper right portion of the access door compartment.

Radiant Unlock Door 1.jpg

2. Pull down on the plastic strap located beneath the removed screw. The door can now be opened and the laundry removed, if needed.

Radiant Unlock Door 2.jpg

3. After removing laundry (if needed), secure the plastic strap by replacing and tightening the Phillips head screw removed in Step 1 through the hole in the strap.



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