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Dry Cycle will not Run

Possible Solutions

Check the following if the drying cycle will not run:

  • Door not closed completely. 
  • Start/Pause button not touched firmly. 
  • Drain pump filter not in place or clogged. See "Cleaning and Maintenance" symptom above.
  • Household fuse is blown or circuit breaker has tripped. There may be two household fuses or circuit breakers for the washer/dryer. Check that both fuses are intact and tight, or that both circuit breakers have not tripped.
  • Incorrect power supply. Electric dryers require 240 volt power supply. Check with a qualified electrician.
  • Wrong type of fuse used. Use a time-delay fuse.
  • Water supply to washer/dryer not connected and turned on. The drying cycle will not run unless the water supply is connected and turned on.
  • Dry cycle not selected. See "Control Panel Operation" symptom above.

See your Use & Care Guide for more information.

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