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Dryer not Drying/Long Dry Times

Possible Solutions

Condensing Drying Technology - Longer Dry Times are Normal

Ventless drying usually takes a lot longer than vented drying. However, since you don't have to transfer clothes from washer to dryer, you can run the unit while away from it. If you do want a faster cycle, try the following: 
  1. If using the unit for both washing and drying, load the drum to half the drum or less
  2. Use "Regular" when selecting the drying cycle and "Quick" when selecting How to Dry
  3. Select "Extra Fast" spin speed if washing & drying 
  4. Use Auto-Drying instead of Timed Drying and select "Damp Dry" or "Dry" instead of "Extra Dry"
  5. Do not open the door during the drying cycle

How does Condensing Drying Work?

  1.  Air in the drum is heated using a 1500W heater.
  2.  Heated air is pulled into the drum and moisture in the wet laundry evaporates.
  3.  Instead of venting like a traditional dryer, the air is looped through a water cooled condenser where the moisture condensates into water.
  4.  This water is then drained out through the drain hose (same as the washer.)
  5.  Because there is no venting, some of the moist air does get pumped back into the room.

Load is too Large

If the load is too large and heavy, it will not dry quickly. Separate the load to tumble freely. Loading drum half full or less will improve drying performance and cycle time. Run a high speed spin cycle.

Located in a Closet

If installed in a closet, the closet doors must have ventilation openings at the top and bottom of the door. The front of the washer/dryer requires a
minimum of 3" (76 mm) of airspace, 1" (25 mm) on the sides, and, for most installations, the rear of the washer/dryer requires 4" (102 mm). See “Installation Instructions" for more information about space requirements.

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