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Not Cleaning Clothing

Possible Solutions

Are the load items discolored?

Dye transfer can occur when mixing colors in a load.

CLICK HERE for more information on dye transfer

Are you using HE High Efficiency detergent?

Use of non-HE detergent can cause a film residue. Use only HE detergent. 

CLICK HERE for more information on using HE Detergent

Are you using the correct cycle and temperature for fabric being washed?

Use a higher soil level cycle option and warmer wash temperature to improve cleaning.

CLICK HERE for more information on selecting the correct cycle

Are you using the correct Detergent Concentration level?

Today’s liquid HE detergents are concentrated. Most brands of concentrated HE detergent will show the level of concentration on the bottle.

However, if the detergent bottle does not give the concentration, it can be easily calculated. Just divide the package size in fluid ounces by the number of loads. Then refer to the chart below to find the concentration.

Set the concentration level setting on the washer/dryer by using the Tools button. If you do not get your desired cleaning results, set the concentration level to a lower concentration number. If you have excess suds, set the concentration level to a higher concentration number.

NOTE:  Concentration Level does not mean the Dispenser will dispense that many doses of HE detergent; it means that the detergent you have purchased is that concentrated, and the dosage will actually be smaller for higher levels of concentration. I.E. the more concentrated the detergent, the "stronger' the cleaning power and the less water in the dosage. 

Concentration Number of ounces ÷ number of loads
2X 1.5–2.49 (44.4 ml–73.6 ml)
3X 0.9–1.49 (26.6 ml–44.1 ml)
4X 0.7–0.89 (20.7 ml–26.3 ml)
5X 0.5–0.69 (14.8 ml–20.4 ml)
6X 0.3–0.49 (8.9 ml–14.5 ml)

Have you performed the "Clean Washer" cycle, or has the "Clean Washer Cycle Reminder" message flashed?

Clean Washer Cycle Reminder

The Clean Washer with affresh® message will flash at the end of a wash cycle when the washer has run 30 wash cycles. This is a reminder to run the Clean  Washer with affresh® cycle. If the Clean Washer with affresh® cycle is not run, the message will stop flashing at the end of a wash cycle after running three more regular wash cycles. After 30 more wash cycles are completed, the Clean Washer with affresh® message will again flash at the end of a wash cycle as a reminder.

See "Cleaning and Maintenance" symptom above for more information about the Clean Washer cycle.


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