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Dripping from Front


Possible Solutions

Have you cleaned the Drain Pump Filter, and is it properly seated?

See information on cleaning the Drain Pump Filter in the Cleaning and Maintenance section listed above. Verify after re-installing that the Drain Pump Filter is fully seated in the housing.

After cleaning the Drain Pump Filter, did you replace the plug?

To clean the Drain Pump Filter, you must remove the plug on the black drain line. After cleaning this plug must be securely replaced. If not, the drain line could drip. Verify that the plug has been secured. See "Cleaning and Maintenance" symptom above for more information about cleaning the Drain Pump Filter.

Are you using Single Dose Laundry Packets?

If using Single Dose Laundry Packets (such as Tide Pods), be sure to follow all manufacturers instructions. Place the packet inside the basket before adding clothes. Never place packet in the dispenser drawer.

Is your door glass and/or seal dirty?

A dirty door seal (bellow) can cause water to escape. Remove and/or clean any dirt or deposits around the inner door seal with a damp cloth. The door glass seals against the rubber seal; dirt or deposits can prevent a proper seal.

Are there items stuck in or under the door seal?

Clothing items occasionally get stuck in or under the door seal. Always check the door seal after each use, to ensure the drainage holes are not blocked or clogged. Remove any items that may have become lodged within the door seal.

CLICK HERE for more information about cleaning the door seal

Did you open the door after the cycle had already started?

Opening the door to add an item, after the start of the cycle, could cause some water to drip off the glass door. 


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