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Whirlpool Home Appliances

Unable to Connect

To connect:

Press (and hold on some models) the WPS button on the router.

An indicator light will begin blinking.

Note: The WPS function on your router is active for 2 minutes. Complete the next step within 2 minutes or you will need to reinitiate WPS.

While the router’s WPS indicator light is blinking, touch and hold CONNECT on the appliance for 5 seconds.

Connected VSI-V2 Connected Icon Display.jpg

The Wireless Status icon (A) will blink slowly and the Time Display LEDs will animate to show that the appliance is attempting to connect with the router.

Connection can take up to 2 minutes.

The Wireless Status icon will stay lit upon successful connection; if not successful, the Wireless Status icon will blink rapidly and turn off.

Once the appliance connects to your router, the appliance will automatically attempt connection with the Whirlpool server over the Internet.

When your appliance is connected to Wi-Fi and successfully communicating with the Whirlpool server, return to the app and add an appliance.

Choose the option in the app that the appliance you are adding is already connected to Wi-Fi.


If you can not connect to the router:

New router installed: Erase the old router information by pressing and holding CONNECT for approximately 15 seconds. Repeat the steps from the “Connectivity Setup” section for the new router.

Wi-Fi signal strength low: Reposition router closer to the appliance. Call the Connected customer service center to confirm signal strength.

If you need help with your connected appliance please1-866-333-4591.



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