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Whirlpool Home Appliances

Not Starting or Not Operating

Possible Solutions

Is the door locked upon install?

It is possible for the washer to be unboxed and the door to be locked. In order for the washer to operate, connect to the cold water supply and connect the power.

CLICK HERE for more information on door locked at install

Did you try to start the washer before connecting to the household water supply?

The cold water faucet or valve must be connected and fully open. If the washer is started without water, it will stop, The water supply needs to be connected and turned on before attempting to start the washer.

Is the control panel clean and dry?

This washer has a control panel that is sensitive to the touch. When trying to operate the control on this washer, use the following information:

  • Use clean, dry hands when operating the control. Wet or dirty hands can cause the touch sensitivity to be lessoned.
  • The control panel needs to be clean and free of any residue
  • Do not use gloves when operating the control panel



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