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Possible Solutions

Did you use an Automatic or a Timed Dry Cycle?

Use the Automatic Cycles to provide the most energy savings and enhanced fabric care from the dryer. 

Use Timed Dry for the occasional damp load that needs a little more drying time or when using the drying rack.

Please note that the Timed Dry Cycle will not heat until 20 minutes into the cycle. At that time, there will be a "light" heat. This cycle is not meant for heavy loads of clothing. Use an Automatic Cycle when drying large or heavy loads.

Is Power Supply Cord Installed Correctly?

The power supply cord may be incorrectly installed. If the power cord is incorrectly installed, the dryer may not start or heat. Review the Installation Instructions to check that the power supply cord is properly installed.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on installing a 3 wire power cord

CLICK HERE to watch a video on installing a 4 wire power cord

Has a fuse blown or circuit tripped?

There may be 2 household fuses or circuit breakers for the dryer. Make sure both fuses are intact and tight, or that both circuit breakers have not tripped. Replace the fuse(s) or reset the circuit breaker(s). If the problem continues, contact a qualified electrician.

Electric dryers require 240-volt power supply. Check with a qualified electrician.

Lint Screen Cleaning

The lint screen is located in the door opening of the dryer. A screen blocked by lint can increase drying time.

Clean Bottom Filter every 5 Loads

Clean the Bottom Filter every 5 cycles.



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