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Bluetooth not pairing


Possible Solutions

Is your mobile device paired?

Pair the BlueTooth source. The CoolVox™ sound system is available for pairing when the Status LED (A) flashes blue. Pairing is accomplished when the Status LED glows constant blue. The sound system pairs easily with your smart phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth device. It has a range of approximately 30 ft (9 m), so you can enjoy the sound you want without wires.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to pair your CoolVoxTM.

Is your mobile device bluetooth compatible?

The CoolVox™ kitchen sound system requires a Bluetooth compatible device in order to operate. Consult the User's Manual for your phone or tablet to see your device's specific features. 

Is the bluetooth feature enabled?

Enable the Bluetooth feature using the menus and/or settings on your mobile device.
NOTE: Many mobile devices ship with the Bluetooth feature disabled to improve battery life.

Is the CoolVox™ sound system currently paired with another (muted) bluetooth music source?

The CoolVox™ sound system is paired when the Status LED is glowing constant blue. You can cancel any existing pairing by initiating a re-pairing session

CLICK HERE for more information on re-pairing.

Is the mobile device too far away?

Move the mobile device closer to the CoolVox™ sound system. The line-of-sight pairing range is at least 30 ft (9 m) without walls or windows.



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