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PUSH Notification Preferences

How can I get my PUSH notifications?

If you are not getting PUSH notifications, or if you would like to start receiving PUSH notifications, follow the steps below.  

How to turn on PUSH notifications

  1. Open the App
  2. Click on the appliance you want notifications from
  3. Click on "Preferences"
  4. Slide the button to the "On" position, for each of the notifications that you wish to receive

NOTE: Some Smartphones and Tablets also require PUSH notifications to be enabled.  For more information, reference your Smartphone or Tablet's user guide. 

The "Preferences" section of the app allows you to set up which notifications that you would like to receive.  

Connected Dish Push Notif.jpg

Information on Notifications

Cycle Complete

Your dishwasher will send you a push notification when its current cycle is complete.

affresh® Status Notification 

Your phone will send you an alert when it’s time to clean the dishwasher by running an affresh® cycle. This will help you keep the dishwasher fresh and performing at its best.

Filter Status Notification

Your phone will send you an alert when it is time to clean the dishwasher filter.

Control Lock Notification 

Your phone will send you an alert when the control lock has been deactivated on the dishwasher. 

Sani Rinse 

Your phone will send you an alert when the sani rinse option has been successfully completed.

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