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Whirlpool Home Appliances

Light is on - Blinking

Why is the appliance blinking?

If the appliance is blinking it is attempting to connect to the home network.  Allow at least 2 minutes for the appliance to complete the attempt. Once the connection has been made the connection indicator light will be solid.

REMINDER: Once the router starts blinking you have 2 minutes to press the connection button on the appliance

Appliance was blinking and is no longer blinking

If the connection indicator on the appliance was blinking and is now not on, the appliance has timed out.  The appliance was attempting to connect to the home network and was unsuccessful. Before trying to establish a connection again check the following:

  • Is the appliance near the WiFi router? 
    • We recommend the appliance be within 30 feet of the home WiFi router
    • You can check the signal strength by using a WiFi device near the appliance.  If the signal strength is low or unavailable the router may need to be moved closer to the appliance. 

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