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Energy Management Information

What is Energy Management?

The "Energy Advisor" feature within the app allows you to work with your participating energy company to determine on and off peak energy demand times.  When energy demand is high, it gives you the option to delay starting a cycle until demand levels are lower.  Using this feature may also lower your energy costs. 

How does the Energy Management feature work?

Once the appliance registration process has been completed, the "Energy Advisor" feature can be enabled, depending on the plan that you have selected with your participating energy company. If you have a time-of-use rate plan with your energy company, you may be able to utilize this feature and potentially help reduce costs. The "Energy Advisor" will display estimated on-peak and off-peak energy demand periods based on publicly available utility information. 

For questions regarding your energy plan, please contact your local energy company. 

What to do if the Energy Advisor is not displaying information?

If the Energy Advisor is not displaying any information or is not displaying any current information, please follow the steps below. 

In order for the app to display the energy information, the feature must be turned on.  Once this feature is turned on, it will remain on until it is manually turned off. 

To turn the Energy Advisor On:
  1. Click on "Energy" from the Home Screen
  2. Slide the "Energy Advisor" to the "On" position

To set up the Energy Report:
  1. After the "Energy Advisor" has been turned on, click on "Select Electric Company"
  2. Enter the name of your Electric Company
  3. Once your Electric Company has been set, click on "Select Time of Use Rate Plan"
    1. Choose the rate plan you want to use
    2. Click "Save"

NOTE: Not all electric companies provide this information. "Time of Use Plans" will also vary from company to company. If the information is still not displaying, after verifying the feature has been turned on and set up, please contact your local energy company to determine whether this information is available in your area. 

Information is not displaying recent or current data

If the app is not displaying any recent or current energy data, this feature might have been accidentally turned off.  Verify the Energy Advisor is turned on. If the feature is turned off, follow the steps above. 

What happens during a power outage?

During a power outage, on the app, the appliance will show a status of "Off-Line". Once the power is restored, the appliance should automatically re-connect and resume full functionality. 


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