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Wi-Fi icon doesn't light up

Possible Solutions

Has the WiFi been turned on?

If the WiFi icon is not illuminated it means the refrigerator is not connected to the network. 

To turn on the WiFi icon and the WiFi capability to the appliance: press and hold the "Crushed Ice" and "Cubed Ice" buttons together. If the icon will still not turn on, disconnect the refrigerator for 30 seconds. Return power and then repeat WiFi connecting process.  

If the WiFi icon doesn't light up after holding the "Crushed Ice" and "Cubed Ice" buttons together, try resetting the refrigerator.  To reset the refrigerator, unplug or disconnect power for 30 seconds.  Return power and repeat the WiFi connection process. 

Once you’ve connected your refrigerator to your Wi-Fi network, it will remain linked even if the power goes out, you move the appliance, or if you put it in storage for a while.


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